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Fiddling with sys_call_table in Linux Kernel

Posted in on October 14, 2008 – 5:52pm A friend of mine would like to try to implement a new system call based on the example in Chapter 8 of Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide 2.6 Series in Linux … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget “make clean”

Posted in on June 10, 2008 – 3:02pm Just yesterday my friend and I were wondering why his Linux kernel module crashed the kernel in QEMU everytime the module was removed with rmmod; it caused the kernel to issue … Continue reading

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insmod: error inserting ‘x.ko’: -1 Invalid module format

Posted in on May 22, 2008 – 9:07pm That error message is issued because a version mismatch occurs when the Linux kernel module to be inserted into the working kernel was not compiled with the source code that was … Continue reading

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